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FYI -- Resending School Reopening Information to families in case it was lost during the holiday season

December 18, 2020               


Arcohe Families,


At the December 17th board meeting, the Board of Trustees made the decision to delay the reopening of school after the Winter Break until Monday, January 11th.  While in-person learning will not be happening on campus, students will be expected to attend class in a distance-learning format using the Google Classroom platform your child’s teacher has used previously.  Students will be doing distance learning the week of January 4th

This decision was made in response to the recent dramatic increases to overall COVID cases and deaths both locally and nationally.  While the students and families of Arcohe have stayed relatively healthy, we recognize the immediate urgency for caution and reality that many families may be exposing themselves to potential risk during this holiday break.  An extra week in isolation will allow our families to closely monitor their own health and hopefully stop the spread to others. 

If, during this three-week period, you experience symptoms or you are around someone who is either experiencing symptoms or tests positive, it is your responsibility to take the proper precautions and follow the guidelines set forth by your doctor or the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  If you are traveling or choose to be around large groups of people, you need to be extra vigilant in both monitoring yourself as well as keeping in contact with others you were around to ensure they are also healthy. 

For food service, we will be making breakfast and lunches available for students on Monday, January 4th and Thursday, January 7th from the hours of 11:30-12:30 at the school.  Meals are free of charge and open to anyone under the age of 18.  If you previously signed up for bus delivery service in the fall, you will get delivery on those days like normal.

We appreciate your support of the school and wish you a happy holidays.  Please stay safe!





Troy Miller


Arcohe School