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Promotion Guidelines and Instructions

To prepare for the promotion event on Monday, June 1st, we have created a list of guidelines we are asking all families to follow:

What are the details of the event?

The event starts at 6PM on Monday, June 1st.  We will be handing out certificates to all 8th grade students that come to the drive-thru promotion.  Since we have 68 8th graders, we are asking families to move through at a regular rate to allow for all students to receive their diplomas and be honored.  We will stay out there as long as needed. 

What if I cannot make the event? 

We sincerely hope all students will be able to make the event, but we understand if you are unable.  We will be mailing home any certificates not picked up the night of the event. 

How should people enter and exit the drive-thru line?

We have contacted the Sacramento Public Work Department and we are closing Ivie Road to east-bound traffic starting at the Herald Store to create a one-way street along Ivie from the school to the Herald Store.  Cars will be directed around to the other side of campus either by traveling on Borden or Twin Cities.  Cars should enter the staff parking lot through the east side entrance and proceed through the loop on the outside of the fence near the sidewalk.  Cars will line up along this path until they reach the certificate station at the end of the loop.  This is where the certificates will be handed out and a picture will be taken.  Pictures taken by a member of the school will be sent out following the event.  Cars will then exit the staff parking lot by turning right onto Ivie toward the Herald Store.  

Are families or students allowed to exit the cars?

No, based on guidelines set forth by the Sacramento Public Health Department, we are only allowed to host an event of this nature if we ensure no students or families will exit their cars during this event.  We have to strongly enforce this policy.  Repeated violations of this directive can lead to the closing of the event.  Please help us maintain safety and keep the focus on the students.  

Are we allowed to decorate?

YES!  We highly recommend families decorate both their cars and along the parade route at the school.  Feel free to hang balloons and posters on the fences at the school to celebrate the event.  

Where can we take pictures?

A team of 8th grade parents are planning to construct a photo booth opportunity at the Herald Park during the event. If you would like to help with the photo booth at the Herald Park, please email Tricia Vanwarmerdam at vanwarmerdam@arcohe.net.  As families leave the campus, you have the option to take a picture at this location or continue on to your next destination.  If you are planning to take a few photos, please be mindful of social distancing guidelines and understand other families will want to do the same.  Please move quickly through the area when you are done. 

Who is invited to the event?

We invite all 8th grade students and their immediate families to participate in the event.  The Sacramento Public Health Department has expressed they need for vehicles only to contain members of the same household.  All participants need to adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Sacramento Public Health Department. 

Families that wish to view the event have the option to line Ivie Road in their cars on the north side of Ivie Road in the main school parking lot.  All participants must remain in their cars at all times.  This will be strictly enforced.  Repeated violations can led to the cancelling of the event.