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May 21, 2020




In the last couple of days, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released recommendations for the reopening of public settings which include schools.  While we have reviewed these recommendations, Arcohe is working closely with the Sacramento Public Health Department and the thirteen Sacramento County school districts to formulate a safe, yet sensible, method to reopen schools. 

While our plans have not been completely solidified, we are taking extra measures to limit exposure (enhanced cleaning, increased hand washing, availability of hand sanitizers throughout campus, global screening for symptoms, etc).  It is our opinion we cannot lose the school community and culture we are, in fear of what could be.  The school district, however, does have to follow the guidelines set by the Sacramento Public Health Department and cannot violate those directives to stay open.  At this point, the county is saying schools must limit exposure, increase hygiene practices, and social distance within the school setting.  Their guidelines are not nearly as stringent as the ones published by the CDC.  Over time, it is our hope and belief these restrictions will lessen, and as they do, we will make adjustments accordingly.

To reiterate, we are trying to be sensible and smart about the decisions we make but also keep our students and staff safe.  I hope this helps you understand where we are at right now and what we have been working on for the past couple of months.  I am also here for questions and concerns.




Troy Miller


Arcohe Union School District