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Upcoming Dates

·        Spring Break – March 24 – April 2

·        Open House – April 18 6-7PM

·        8th grade Awards – May 31 6PM

·        Field Day – June 1st (PM)

·        Kindergarten Promotion – June 4th 6PM

·        8th Grade Promotion – June 5th 6PM

·        Last Day of School – June 6th 

·        Summer School – June 11th – June 28th

CAASPP Testing Information

Mark your calendars -- Students in grades 3-8 will be taking the state assessment this Spring.  The window for the tests will be from April 9th - June 1st.  The individual class testing schedule will be generated shortly, but we ask families to avoid making non-vital appointments and vacations plans during this time to avoid having makeups.  

As always, if you wish for your child to be exempted from testing, parents/guardians must annually submit a written request specifying the test to be exempted.  

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