Red Ribbon Week      

We are celebrating Red Ribbon Week here at school from October 27-October 31 with themed dress-up days and an assembly on Wednesday, October 29th.  We invite all students to take part in the activities and want to thank the APTC for their generous donation toward the Drums, Not Drugs music assembly.  

Monday, October 27th -- Hippie Day
Tuesday, October 28th -- Twin Day
Wednesday, October 29th -- Blue Day (K-5)/
Class ColoDay (6-8)
Thursday, October 30th -- Pajama Day
Friday, October 31st -- Red Day 
We know that paren
ts and families make all the difference for students as they are going through school.  To help parents navigate this important time, Arcohe School subscribes to a monthly publication full of useful educational ideas to work on at home.  There are tips about making reading more enjoyable, finding math in everyday activities, ways to keep your child active, and much, much more.  We hope you find the information useful!

Los Padres !Hacen la Diferencia! (Elementary -- Spanish)
Los Padres ¡aún hacen la diferencia! (Middle School -- Spanish)

Arcohe Wear

Are you new to Arcohe or are in desperate need for some updated Arcohe Wear?  If so, the APTC is here to help!  We have an assorted stock of Arcohe t-shirts and sweatshirts available for purchase.  If interested, please contact the APTC at APTC@arcohe.net or one of the APTC officers.