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Great Health Insurance Benefits Available - Arcohe Union School District
Dear Parents
You now have a unique opportunity for children between age 1 through age 18 to obtain the same great insurance benefits that public employees enjoy through the New and Improved Healthy Families Program and /or Medi-Cal for children.
Just by completing the simple application and providing required documents is all you need. Qualifying families would pay a low monthly premium of $4.00 per child to a maximum of $27.00 per family. This cost would provide them with health, prescription, dental and vision coverage for the children only. If you want more information regarding the Healthy Families Program and/or Medi-Cal for children please call:

Arcohe Union School District
209-748-2313 ext. 1008
Ask for Josie Yuhas
Download the Healthy Families Application from our forms page

Frequently Asked Questions for parents (English))

Frequently Asked Questions for parents (Spanish)

California Healthy Kids Survey

If your child is in the 5th or 7th grade he/she is being asked to be a part of our school’s Healthy Kids Survey, sponsored by the California Department of Education. This is a very important survey that will help promote better health among youth and combat problems such as drug abuse and violence. The survey results will provide our school with greater knowledge about health risks facing our youth. The state requires schools to complete this survey in order to receive funds for prevention and education programs that Arcohe School is able to offer.
A consent form for the California Healthy Kids Survey will be sent home with all 5th and 7th grade students. Your written permission on this form is required for your child to participate in the survey
Survey Content. The survey will gather information on behaviors such as physical activity and nutritional habits; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use; school safety; environmental and individual strengths and assets. Included in the survey for 7th grade students only are questions regarding sensitive issues such as suicide and sexual behavior. You may examine the questionnaire in the school office or by clicking the links below.
It is Voluntary. Your child does not have to take the survey. Students who participate only have to answer the questions they want to answer and they may stop taking it at any time.
It is Anonymous. No names will be recorded or attached to the survey forms or data. The results will be made available only under strict confidentiality controls.
For Further Information. The survey was developed by WestEd, a public, non-profit educational institution. The survey results allow the administration and the school staff to evaluate currently implemented health programs, such as “LifeSkills”.
Middle School will take Module A.There are separate quizzes for English and Spanish.
Elementary Module
Links to Middle School Surveys
Module A

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