What number do I call if my child is sick?
-(209)748-2313 will take you to the Attendance Hotline

How much is lunch?
-Student Lunch=$3.50
-Reduced Lunch=$.40
-Milk only=$.25
-Adult Lunch $5.00
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How much is Breakfast?
-Student Breakfast=$2.00
-Reduced Breakfast=$.30
-Adult Breakfast $3.00
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What does my child need if they are going home with someone else?
-A note stating

1) whom they are going home with. 2) How they are getting there and
3) the duration that they will be going home with that person (important if multiple days)

When does the school day start and end?
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:
-K-8th grades 8:10 am-2:45pm

-K-8th grades 8:10 am-1:30pm

When does the school year start and end?

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What is required for Registration at Arcohe?
-Copy of birth certificate
-Copy of Immunization Records
-Proof of Residence (Rental agreement or Bill that has your name and address on it)
-Registration Form
-Oral Assessment K-2
-K-1st Grade Physical health exam
All forms are available for download on the forms page.

What immunizations are needed to start school?
-School Year Immunization Requirements