Arcohe Falcon

November 2, 2021

Arcohe Families,

Monday, November 8, marks the one-year anniversary of students coming back to campus after our extended time at home.  While the reopening of school was not completely what we wanted with a hybrid schedule and increased safety protocols, we prioritized having students back in our classrooms.  Over the past year, we have struggled to make school as normal as possible and help our students settle back into the rhythm of school.  We have brought back a lot of the elements we are used to, including holding classes full-time, allowing parents and volunteers on campus and constantly looking for more ways to connect our students with our school.

On October 21, members of the community met with the Arcohe Union School District Board of Trustees in an open public forum to explore ways to increase this return to normalcy and expressed their concerns about the mandates put in place by the Governor surrounding COVID-19 and schools.  At the meeting, it was discussed what options families and the district had to have our voices heard regarding the effects the mandates had on students.  Following the meeting, the board met in two separate closed sessions to discuss next steps including contacting our district lawyer regarding filing or joining a lawsuit against the state, connecting with state legislatures and actively lobbying on behalf of students. This district is also going to increase communication with the community regarding the steps we are taking in this endeavor. 

In the coming days, the superintendents of the Galt-area schools are meeting to discuss the current situation, and I have meetings set up with both our district lawyer and other law firms regarding these matters. We have also invited our area representatives to attend our next open public forum set for Thursday, November 18 from 5:00-6:30pm on campus.  Although we have not had responses, we encourage you to continue to extend invitations to their offices. 

It is our understanding that there is a plan to encourage students at Arcohe not to wear masks to school on Monday, November 8 in protest of the mandates. While we support the call for change, we ask you to give the district the opportunity to work through the legal means we are pursuing and work with us to get the message out to those who have the power to make the change.  We ask for your patience and your support as we work through this process.

If you want to be involved in helping the district get the message out, we encourage you to contact the following people in position to make changes to the current policies.  Please send emails, phone calls, and letters to let them know how you feel about what is currently happening.


California Department of Public Health PO Box, 997377, MS 0500

Sacramento, CA 95899-7377 (

Governor Gavin Newsom 1303 10th Street, Suite 1173 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 445-2841

Tony Thurmond - State Superintendent of Public Instruction 1430 N Street Sacramento, CA 95814-5901; 916-319-0800

 Ken Cooley – State Assembly, 8th District, P.O. Box 942849 Sacramento, CA 94249-0008 (916) 319-2008

Andreas Borgeas – State Senator, 8th District State Capitol, Room 3082 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 651-4008

Ami Bera – 7th Congressional District 8950 Cal Center Drive, Building 3, Suite 100, Sacramento, CA 95826 (916) 635-0505

Don Nottoli – Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, District 5, 700 H Street, Suite 2450 Sacramento, CA 95814 (916) 874-5465

Heather Davis – Sacramento Board of Education, Area 6,

Throughout this epidemic and the challenges it has presented, we have tried, and continue to try, to keep students insulated from the issues in hopes that they can focus on school and simply enjoy being a child.  We, as adults, hold heavy responsibilities and try to create a world where our children do not have to be faced with adult decisions and issues before they are mentally and emotionally ready for them. 

Until there is a change to the state mandate or officials agree to our requests to give us local control, the district is compelled to follow the current policy. We cannot control what your family elects to do over the coming weeks or months, but we would like to work with you to do what is best for students. In the end, school has to be safe place for all and focused on the mission to create an environment focused on learning and growth.  Please consider all aspects of this situation as your family decides what they want to do.



Troy Miller


Arcohe Board of Trustees

Christina Pearson, President

Michael Dieter, Clerk

Michelle Neider, Trustee

Katie Otto, Trustee Bobby Stepps, Trustee